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About salina cruz


The coast line of Salina Cruz has been  became the newest world wide surf trip target.  In 2006,  Rip Curl Search made an internationally surf event  at Barra de la Cruz when Andy Irons won the contest with the most epic barrels conditions  ever surfed  in a professional surf competition, after this,  Salina cruz became the new international surf destination as the regular  footers paradise.


 Salina  cruz The land of right hand point break paradise , offers perfect  waves from Spring to October  when the low pressure systems in the Southern Hemisphere produce consistent ground swells which can get up to 8-15’ ft creating some epic barrel rides.




Our primary focus is to make sure you have the surf trip of your life!


As one of the first surf pioneers  in Salina cruz  with 20 years of surfing experience & more than 10 years  making people happy as a surf guide   and the only  water photos man in Salina cruz  my family and I we want to welcome to our new casa surf & resort LunaCoralSoulSurf.


My love and  passion to explore and surf uncrowded waves, has been teaching me the tricks about Salina cruz surf conditions. I had explored the whole area between Huatulco and the coast line thru the border with Chiapas, found more than 20 options to surf in just  200  km of  coast line. I can tell you it's beautifull, it's warm, it's tropical, and it's just perfect.  Salina cruz area as an exotic destination with pristine beaches and dirt roads with most locations only accessible via 4x4 or boat.


Our experienced LunaCoralSoulSurf guides are aware of daily wave forecasts and take into consideration all the variables such as tide height, wind, and swell direction to take you to the best possible surf suitable for the current conditions and your skill level. The duration of the surf sessions is between 2 - 5 hours depending on conditions, two times at day or surfaris for all day long .


We know that a great trip is achieved with a positive attitude and with good vibes but good food is also important (abundant and delicious), clean and comfortable accommodation, pool to cool off and a friendly and familiar environment.


Our traditional Oaxacan Cuisine same as our Primo Service are per excellence the seal of the house, feel like home and let team LunaCoral do the rest.

you made the right call, stay with us !.


be happy surf!