Forget wet suits, dangerous reefs, rocks and crowds,   live the experience to surf Salina Cruz "THE LAND OF RIGHT HAND POINT BREAK PARADISE"



Salina cruz offers surf for all levels & ages, surf families and all surfers are welcome .  Surf perfect waves with riding  more than 400 mts, world class waves in pristine beaches all with sand bottom, warm water, natural beauty and No crowds!



Also, we have a few  beach breaks that we surf during strong north winds with short period swells. Depending of a lots of factors that we know but when it´s ON you will surf the most  fun and perfect Mexican a-frames.



Because Salina cruz geography, rarely get´s North swells during the Winter, also,  from November to middle of  march crazy strong north winds blows Salina cruz that is hard to believe it, winds from 60mph+  get the sand moving and stoked at the points building a perfect sand barrs ready for the next surf season .



We rarely have big surf in Salina Cruz and when it happens it is not bigger than 15 feet and it only happens 3-4 times a year,  normally,  the perfect and more consistent wave sizes is  4’ to 6´, perfect size to rip and get fun!.


Be sure to bring a barrel tail surfboard for waves like Escondida, Chivo, Chipehua, Escollera and Beach Breaks and a regular surfboard for waves like Conejo, Bamba, Coral, El faro y Maria Sajuanita. 5´10´´to 6´3´´surfboards are enought to guarantee your enjoy and fun.


In small days waves at the points  still connecting all the way thru the beach so no worries about no catching swell because still fun surf; a fish board works great on these days!


we take you surf and explore the coast line of Salina Cruz. Surf and Chill  all day in your own surf point break with out crowds, we bring you lunch at the beach watching the waves while you eating a delicious Ceviche enjoying a cold corona beer! Yes, we love to do this...


if you are determined to became a pro-surfer  or just want to increase your surf level surfing perfect waves in pristine beaches all with sand bottom, warm and clear waters  in a friendly atmosphere, JUST BOOK NOW!


the best surfer is who gets more fun!


Daily Schedule


Early bird cath the worm


Our daily surf Schedule


EARLY BREAKSFAST: 5:30 TO 6:00 AM We get you up for a quick breakfast (coffe, cereal, granola, toast, yogurth  and fresh fruits.


FULL BREAKFAST: 8:00 TO 10:00 AM   DESAYUNO TRADICIONAL  ( eggs, platano, queso y frijoles), gorditas or chilaquiles.

We do this when tides are high or no swell.


LUNCH 12:00 TO 4:00 PM : After 3-6 hours of surfing, get ready to enjoy a delicius and well served  traditional Oaxacan luch!!!  made it with love and fresh ingredients based on red or white meat, fish or seafood; enjoy your lunch with homemade natural fruit water   or with a cold Corona.


 DINNER 7:00 TO 9:30 PM: EVERY DINNER IS A SORPRISE!.  We garantie a deliciuos dinner made with love and fresh meat and vegetables.  Let yourself be pampered by our delicious and authentic dishes,  100% Mexican food. Enjoy our delicious seasoning seal of the house.